The Incredibles (2004) Movie Review

Pixar Studios did it right again with their hilarious and heartfelt superhero action-comedy movie, The Incredibles. The Incredibles is an exhilarating movie with unexpected depths that dares to take sly jabs on culture entitlement from penalizing excellence and encouraging mediocrity to the litigation culture which demands reimbursements for everyone in case anything happens and the detriment of the truly needy.

Everyone needs superheroes. Well, except the good people of Metroville. They’ve had enough of them. With too many lawsuits from property owners, injured people during fights and rescues, and yes, the epic suicidal citizens who DID NOT want to be saved, forced the Spandex-clad crusaders and caped defenders of justice to an early retirement.

Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible, got married with rubber-limbed Elastigirl, whom neighbors know as Helen Parr. And after Metroville declared their hate for superheroes, the couple devoted their everyday life in suppressing their powers and did their very best to BE ORDINARY.

After retiring, Bob is now trapped in a boring, action-less, subdued life of an insurance claims adjuster. His wife, Helen used her stretchable limbs coupled with strong parenting powers in raising their 3 children— brooding teenager Violet who can render herself invisible and create force fields; lightning fast Dash; and baby Jack-Jack who is capable of who knows what!

Because of his dull life, Bob misses being a superhero and secretly listens to police radio frequency with his superhero friend Lucius Best aka Frozone for any type of crimes or accidents they can help people with. Bob and Helen got into a fight after Bob’s chaotic rescue mission to save a building on fire. Eventually, the fight does not last long.

That is until Bob gets a mysterious invitation to finally wear his old super suit and visit a remote island to use his super amazing strength and battle mega machines gone mental— an offer he undoubtedly accepts without his family’s knowledge.

One scene leads to another and before anyone knows it, Mr. Incredible is in the middle of a mechanically gigantic showdown with an obsessed fan of his from the past now named as Syndrome. Realizing that Bob is not just attending a business conference like he said he was, Elastigirl tried to pursue his husband and unintentionally bringing the kids with her to take her husband home only to turn out as a family life-and-death battle in order to once again save the planet from evil!

For a colorful superhero cartoon movie for the kids and the family, The Incredibles does it all— giant robots, superpowers, monologuing villains, self-destructing messages, remote underground lairs, sibling rivalry, guilty trips to the principal’s office, and the funny faces that parents will make just to get babies take a bite.

Pixars just can’t make any single mistake when it comes to elevating the quality of their animation. Similarly, while illustrating the beauty of individuality, the value of a whole family, or the negative effect of pride, The Incredibles is just like its title, INCREDIBLE.


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