Monopoly Behind Your Favorite Brand of Glasses

We have a number of new styles to show you .So many styles how do I choose that flirty, classic, great fashionable, daring dude. Actually all these frames are exactly the same. I’m sorry she’s a contact person she doesn’t understand us. These are clearly different brands no they’re not. Think about this for a second even the most basic pair of glasses can cost around four hundred dollars that’s as much as my phone. Haven’t you ever wondered why a simple piece of plastic it’s the same price as this miracle of technology.

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Eighty percent of glasses and sunglasses brands are controlled by a single company. Luxottica but that will give them a virtual monopoly over the entire industry because they control both the luxury brands and the chief brands they can charge whatever they want for.

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I’m not seeing this I’m sorry you have to, Luxottica uses that power to drive up the price of glasses for everybody. Sometimes charging as much as 20 times what the cost to produce and it’s not just prescription glasses. Radians used to be bargain mass-market sunglasses worn by everyone from jasmine to president to president to jazzman’s. In 1999  Luxottica bought the brand and raised the price to over a hundred and fifty dollars a pair. Maybe they’re five times better at banning raise now. Seventy percent of Luxittica’s brands come from the exact same factory. Luxottica also owns almost all the major glasses stores too including lenscrafters, pearl vision, gears optical, target optical and sunglass hat which means that the few brands that they don’t own are forced to obey their demands. When Oakley charge to dispute Luxottoca honest pricing Luxottica retaliated by dropping them from all their stores. Oakley stock price collapse and Luxottica swooped in and brought them out. Luxottica has so much power that when a company didn’t play by their rules they brought them to the brink of destruction then took over that company.


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For seventy-five percent of Americans classes are a medical necessity to bad Luxottica also owns the second-largest eye insurance company in America that means it’s possible for your optometrist, your insurance company, the factory that makes your frames and the store that sells them to you to all be owned by the same company. The fact is most of these glasses could just be labeled Luxottica but they’re not because what Luxottica is really selling you is the illusion of choice.



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