How To Have A Perfect Launch In CSR Racing 2

What up world today and today I’m bringing tips  on how to get a perfect launch and live races in csr racing 2. I know in Tier one you’re not going to have to manually launch your car by after tier 2 all the way up to 25 you are going to have to launch your car manually. So i’m gonna go show you what’s the perfect way to get a perfect launch in those races. So let’s go ahead and check it out alright world. So let’s go ahead and get started here so the first thing I actually want to go ahead and do is I want to show you guys how to practice a perfect launch for tier one. before you actually going to live races so let’s go ahead and do that so the way I got myself is through the countdown clock and as you can see the countdown clock is going to show a little dots going pretty much down the right side of the number and now I’m going to show you here how you can determine when to let go of the accelerator that way you’ll get a perfect lunch.

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So one thing I like to do first is kind of gauge how fast in needle is going to move backwards after I’m pretty much having max reps. So let me go ahead and show you so what I do here is I just let it go and kind of gauge how fast is going to go. You can see there I was able to get a perfect star that was actually pretty lucky at me because I was just trying to test out how fast the needle was going to move backwards now that I have a feel for it. I’m just going to go ahead and practice at different times to let go of the s of the accelerator to see where the middle lands. So let’s go ahead and test it out one more time let it go before it turns to one so you can see there it was a little bit early so all my next one what I’m going to do is I’m going to wait for the countdown to actually turn to number one and then I’m going to let go the accelerator and see if that works to help me get a perfect launch for this car. So let’s go ahead and go into that one so this time since in the last one it seems like we’ll. Let it go to early we’re going to hold it down until we actually see the one on the screen and then I’m going to let go of the accelerator. So let’s go ahead and get started okay there you go and as you can see their perfect start. So now that we at least know when to launch this car now I can go ahead and give it a try on live races and like I said keep in mind for tier ones you’re not really going to have to worry about much difference here because in tear ones you don’t have to manually launch your car in live races but in tier 2 all the way up to 25 you are going to have to manually launch your car in life races and that’s what I’m going to go ahead and show you now on how to do that. So if you also want to find some tips no how to play this and upgrade your cars fast you can also find on this So now for this year three cars since i’m going to have to manually launch the car in live races. I’m going to do exactly what I did with the tier 1 car which is kind of gauge when I’m supposed to let go of the accelerator and the count down so I can get a perfect launch.


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So let’s go ahead and get started so I’m just going to hold down the accelerator and I’m going to let it go right there as to all boy and as you can see here I let it go too early so let’s go ahead and give it one more try and see if I can get a perfect start like I said this is going to be a trial and error thing and I’m missing someone purpose here just so I can get my point across. It will take you guys sometimes to get the perfect launch in each car but as you guys practice it you will definitely get better at it thrust me when I first started playing this game. I just completely sucked I didn’t like that much because I had a little bit of background on a previous racing game so I kind of knew what to do. So it’s so keep that in mind now let me go ahead and show you how you can actually go ahead and get a perfect launch with this car all right so since earlier let it go too soon what I’m going to go ahead and do now is I’m going to hold down the accelerator and let it go before the count on turns  to one. So let’s go ahead and give that a try and see what happens it before it turns to one. Right there ok so as you can see I let it go too soon. So we’re just going to go ahead and give it one more try and then we should get a perfect launch. Alright guys so now in this one we’re going to make sure we get the perfect launch earlier. We let it go too early and after that this past try will let it go too late. So now what we’re going to do is just going to try to get the perfect timing so we before we let it go at the beginning of number two in the countdown and this past one will let it go right before I turn to one. Check out my best csr racing 2 guide.



Checking On Gravity Rush

These are some first impressions of the latest games releasing. and we’re talking about Gravity Rush to listen. The title says a lot because if you didn’t play the actual underrated Beta Cult hit. It’s all about gravity stuff and gravity rescue is definitely a better game than the original while it doesn’t totally take advantage and go as big as it should with jumping from Beta to ps4 there’s still
definitely some fun to be had.

Once again your cat with your magical cats dusty in an interesting new land this time around there’s some added mechanics here and there most notably the different styles of gravity that you can swap between on the flies. Basically a very heavy and a very light mode that improve your speed and your attack strength. Also Raven this time around is an ally and that’s pretty cool that they do a good job with really balancing our power to still make the game challenging well. I didn’t really feel like Gravity Rush 2 is perfect. I do feel like it did immediately drawn me in much quicker than the original Gravity Rush did. The original Gravity Rush for me to get into it kind of felt like pulling teeth I don’t know why but here I was immediately engaged right from the start. Maybe it’s a game placing because I think enemy design here is much improved.

There’s lots of enemies that feel like many bosses and I love that there’s just more challenge you do get stuff similar to the Navy from the first game but you also get good fights with soldiers and some that have rocket launchers there’s next and cooler stuff like some surprisingly large scale boss battle when you master the controls and you master the camera that can still get in your way quite a bit and be a bit messy you’re flying around changing gravity left and right things are flipping around everything gets kind of giving and it’s really cool and I can honestly be a lot of fun environment here definitely make the biggest difference from the jump from the Beta and the main city is definitely the best example it’s huge its detailed as vibrant and it’s just really nice and very. In the gameplay captured here I really only captured the beginning of the game so there’s no footage of the city but it is a really really fun environment.


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It’s way  more varied than his killer have you pronounce it from the original game. Thanks to a lot more verticality and just general different variety because the way the city is broken up its broken up by different districts that are floating islands they all feel a little bit different and it just makes it really fun to fling around. There is some ability to unlock a little fast travel points but I just don’t do it because manipulating gravity and hurling yourself around is just too much fun the story. Here is definitely the weakest link I do like the presentation the way it is told as once again through a comic book style you do need to know going in that is all Japanese with subtitles but the characters here still managed to be really interesting but the actual overall story to me and I’ve seen a lot of people phrase it this way and I hate using this raised its kind of anime bullshit and I say that as someone who could actually respect a lot of anime bullshit but what I found myself here was really just caring about the character isn’t not really anything else. It is separated into three different acts and I think each one people are going to feel a little bit differently about the first was the strongest and then the third one kind of lost some steam but that’s probably gonna be up to you to decide. Like I said I think the story is definitely the weakest link here but I should also mention you know you’re roaming around the world and it’s a lot of fun but missions can get very very repetitive it feels like busywork. It feels like chores and its main missions and side quest also I need to mention that there are stealth missions and what I thought games that aren’t course stealth games have realized by now that for stealth missions and games what makes no sense just doesn’t fly but gravity rescue tries it anyway those are probably the most unforgivable things for me but that core gameplay is just good traversal and comment is so fun when you’re sleeping and flying around.


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It makes the combat despite small level of upgrades and variations here and there that really don’t do enough it still manages to be entertaining enough to get you through. Most of the game you may find yourself getting a little bored towards the end but not everybody. I don’t think so plus the visuals aren’t the most amazing but they are smooth but all in all. The music really steals the presentation factor here the music is some of the best game music I’ve heard I guess in 2017 even though 2017 just started but I don’t know it’s really good but what I was saying despite repetitive missions. There are some nice highlights you know it’s dumb missions where you change, the bird stole your food you fly a young kid around the city giving him a tour and then there’s a pretty large scale and intense set-piece moments that are really damn entertaining. The game is pretty lengthy it is padded but it should take you between 30 and 40 hours. There’s lots of people to talk to this thing to find and collect their side quest to be but they just get repetitive when I play Gravity rescue I did really enjoy it but I don’t like scoring things with an actual number but this game just screamed like a 7.5 an attempt to me it’s just that type again which is definitely not bad but I do want to mention one last thing that once again there are online leaderboards but there’s this community treasure hunt mode that I do highly recommend.

You should check it out it’s really cool to do play the game but that’s Gravity Rush 2 not that I do think it’s better than the original but it still doesn’t reach its full potential there are still some problems there and it’s just not a game that everyone is going to love but I think if you did like the first one you’re gonna love the second one and if you were just and on the first time like I was give the second one shot because it is pretty cool and just manipulate Gravity is worth trying I recommend getting your hands on it at some point because it is fun but you know how before you buy work will give you some pros and cons and some personal opinion.

There you have it, you have now the info about this game you may check more about the reviews and see the trailer. In addition you can also have fun with the best mobile game like Asphalt Xtreme. For great fun and excitement you may as well check out.