Best Choices For iOS And Android Games

Glitchskier which is a top-down action shooter bullet-hell that really does a cool job with the idea of what it’s doing most of the time. When you get one of these types of top-down on rails but held space shooters it’s set in actual space rather than cyberspace the glitches are just a constant homage to things that you probably know if you spent too much time on a computer. Anytime in the last 20 to 30 years which is basically my life. It’s kind of like if you can imagine down well being a bullet hell space shooter obviously. The gameplay isn’t that similar but a lot of the concepts are and you can even earn new pallets in the same way. I can see myself playing this a lot.

Retro Platformer Collect or Die which in some ways plays a lot like Super Meat Boy but with a collection element the levels will remind you very much of that type of level and the game can be brutally unforgiving. It’s in sort of a grim science fiction type environment of a lab where you for some reason volunteered to collect coins or be killed. It does take a little bit of getting used to the controls aren’t strictly buttons on screen but it’s a really well-constructed updated platform game that will frustrate the hell out of you but you will be so satisfied by it.


Sunny which is a turn-based sci-fi which has been played by many many people as a flash RPG for I think about a decade. Now you actually play a zombie albeit a conscious one and the game revolves more around combat than it does exploration or anything like that in a traditional turn-based style RPG like this it feels a little more like a social RPG from nowadays but single-player and with a story it’s one of those games where you won’t be
shocked at how to play it. I mean it’s a traditional turn-based RPG and that’s all I need to say for you know exactly how to play it but will gradually become more shocked by the amount of depth that it has.




Z-Exemplar which if you ever played are type or nemesis I think we’ll get pretty darn excited for this because they embrace the entirety of the presentation of those types of games. Its size growing bullet-hell that pretty much nails every single type of expectation that you would have for it. It’s got a lot of gameplay like an extremely large amount of gameplay and because of the type of game it is. It’s one of those ones that you could probably go through quite a few times before getting forward so between the well-constructed levels and the large creative bosses at the end of each of them. It’s really a game that proves that it’s worth something on its own and also tickles the nostalgia bone that was not intended arrived but it did and this game is good.

Five Nights at Freddy’s : Sister location which if you know how five nights at Freddy’s plays you’ll know basically what you’re getting into here although the setup and execution are just a little bit different Scott cause and pulled back a little bit on the survival element of the game giving it more of a different room based mechanic and I’m not saying that it’s better or worse than any of the other five nights at Freddy’s games but it is definitely different in some ways but in others it’s exactly the same this type of puzzles that you’re used to but there’s enough variety and new insight into the lure of the world that I think. It’s definitely a worthwhile game to play especially for fans of the series.

The binding of Isaac Rebirth with randomly generated levels lots of Roguelike elements. Basically a near infinite amount of gameplay this is one of the big high quality indie games that is out there also there’s a fair amount of gross-out humor in a way that I enjoy a lot of people called The Binding of Isaac. The ultimate roguelike and reverse brings it to iOS in a manner that I think everybody should at least give it a shot because it plays with the benefit of developers that are clearly fans of the genre for a very long time I gotta say. I’m really happy that this game is finally made its way to mobile.  It’s a personal favorite of mine and I love the idea of having with me whenever I want to play it was your favorite iOS android game this month.


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